ALENG Electrical Engineers is the trusted agent of many OEM of Electrical products mainly MV and HV types.
We assist our partners in:

  1. Identifying opportunities or finding a market for their products
  2. Compiling a winning bids/quotations by guiding them based on the market information
  3. Marketing their products to the targeted customers
  4. Building awareness of their products within the markets we operates

The products in our range are:

  1. Transformers (distribution and Transmission transformers)
  2. Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers
  3. Power Cables (Ranging from LV to EHV)
  4. Power Cables Terminations and Accessories
  5. Switchgears
  6. GIS, including GIS cable terminations.
  7. OPGW
  8. Bare Conductors
  9. HV Towers
  10. Lines Fittings
  11. Prepaid/Smart Meters

Our trading section was formed in order to supply the products mentioned above to the local and African market. We have agency agreement with various manufacturers for Small, Medium and Large oil filled transformer and Cast resin dry type transformers.

Who are our customers

  • Utility Companies, Mining companies
  • Substation construction companies
  • Municipalities

What makes us different from others

  • Our prices are competitive,
  • Our lead times is short
  • Our after sales service is excellent