Electrical Consulting

ALENG is a professional consulting firm with expertise in power system planning services, power system design and along with our partners; we provide services within the power plant

The power system planning services comprises of an integrated long or short-term power planning service that includes the following:

  • Power system expansion and strengthening
  • Power system refurbishment plan and
  • Power system audit and inspection

The above services are presented in the form of network master or development plan and can be rendered independently subject to the need. In addition to the above, the following are also provided:

  • Protection study and co-ordination study, Protection setting and testing.
  • Power system audit and refurbishment (Substation, line, protection and earthing)
  • Network analysis (load flow, fault levels)
  • Power system studies (PV, dynamic, harmonic, earthing insulation)
  • Insulation co-ordination and earthing
  • Motor drive replacement

The power system design is focused on the following:

  • Substation design
  • Electrification design
  • Distribution systems
  • Earthmate design

We use the DigSilent simulation software for all our system analyses and protection coordination studies. We provide these services to the mining sector, municipalities and power utilities within the African continent.
Apart from DigSilent and amongst others, we have the following software in-house experience: Retic Master, PSSE, PowerGLF, ArcGIS, Autocad and Etap.
Along with our partners, we provide services within the power plant such as electrical equipment testing and commissioning of power transformers, circuit breakers, cables, current transformers, voltage transformers, etc.
Our team has worked with utilities in many African countries and operating environments to design innovative solutions for transmission and distribution networks.
ALENG offers energy solutions from the feasibility and concept design stages through to detailed design and project delivery. We ensure to offer the best technical recommendations on design, end-to-end project delivery, technical investigations, specification production, tender analysis, procurement, power system analysis, inspection, testing and commissioning.